Waste Not, Want Not (Updated Coffee Table)

This project allowed me to kill two proverbial birds with one stone in reference to wasting not and wanting not.

It all started when one of my neighbors noticed that another neighbor had put a coffee table out on the street.  So, she snagged it and texted me a picture to see if I wanted it.  Uh…yeah!!  She wasn’t asking for anything for it, but as luck would have it, Mr. Art & Soul had just built me a new pergola entrance to my veggie garden and I had an iron arch that I couldn’t find a place for.  So we traded.  I love a good trade!

The old girl (the table – not the neighbor) had a wobbly leg and some missing veneer.  The leg was an easy fix by tightening a screw and adding a little Gorilla glue.  The hard part was waiting until the glue dried to start painting.

The missing veneer was around the top of the table.  Luckily, most of the veneer was still stuck on pretty well.  I knew I wanted it to look aged and vintage, so I removed all the veneer that wanted to come off and sanded the edges down to ease the transition from veneer to no veneer.  I sanded the top around the edge too because it was very rough (almost shredded).


There was a chunk of one of the ‘feet’ missing and it was a different color underneath, but I didn’t care about that either.  There’s nothing Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan won’t cover.  The first bird was giving this table new life.

Now, what color does she want to be??  We all know picking color is really the hardest part…  I’m usually a rich, deep color girl, but I really wanted to showcase the details on this piece and not so much a color.  Also, I have lots of partial cans of paint (doesn’t everyone?), so I decided to kill that 2nd bird by using up some of my open paint.  I decided to go with Pure White and Coco for a little understated elegance.  I rarely use Pure White, so I had a little more than half a can of it.  So, I gave the table a coat of Pure White all over, then mixed equal amounts of Coco and PW together which made a beautiful warm bisque color.  That was the second layer.


Then I painted the beautiful carved details with Coco.  I sanded back to reveal some of the Pure White and wood.  I really liked the finish here, but I wanted a little more depth and richness.

2014-08-21 18.02.45

After a coat of Clear Soft Wax, I created a glaze from the Dark Soft Wax and put it all over.  Here’s how she is today and I think I’m in love.  If my house was fancier, I’d take her home with me.



A worn, but lovely table gets some new life and I use up some partial cans of paint.  Win, win!

Thank you!