Finally, some color!

Color makes me very happy.  I’m surrounded by bright, vivid colors every day at Art & Soul.  All the beautiful art, painted furniture, and even the paint sample boards make me a happy girl.  However, I’ve been so busy at work that I hadn’t had a chance to paint anything at my house.  I live in a world of brown – brown cabinets, brown hardwood floors, brown wood and leather furniture.  Yes, that’s right – a sea of brown.  I’ve been dying to add some color to my neutral existence.

Sooooo, this week I did!!  March was our month to host our Supper Club and we had scheduled it for Saturday, March 29 (last night).  So, of course, I decided on the Saturday before to paint my vanities because there’s never enough to do before you have a house full of people over for dinner so why not remodel a room.  😉  Hey, it’s the way I roll – ask my husband.  I definitely work better under pressure.

Here are the two victims vanities in my bathroom.  Pretty enough, but everything is so neutral, it definitely needed a little color.

This is my vanity.

This is my vanity.

This is Brian's vanity.  Note: This is real life, not staged.  :-)

This is Brian’s vanity. Note: This is real life, not staged. 🙂

It took me a long time to find just the right piece to go over the tub.  I wanted to make sure I had something in there that could handle the moisture that happens in bathrooms.  I got this piece at Pier 1.  LOVE everything about it – the colors, the stamped metal, the rustic look of it – everything.  So, it is my inspiration for transforming the bathroom.

Here's a closeup of the big metal flower.

Here’s a closeup of the big metal flower.

After I got home from work on Saturday (around 3:30), I cleaned my cabinets with Simple Green, rinsed off the cleaner – ALWAYS RINSE OFF ANY CLEANER YOU USE BEFORE PAINTING – and dried them.  After discussing with Brian on which color in the flower I would paint the cabinets, we decided on the color of the petals next to the wall – kind of a deep ocean blue.  I had thought that was what I wanted to do, but when he chose the same color, I got the confirmation I needed.

I had brought home Florence because in my memory banks of the color, I thought that with some dark wax would equal the blue-green that would match.  So, I put on the first coat Saturday after cleaning the vanities.

I started with this much paint.  This is straight Florence.

I started with this much paint. This is straight Florence.

It was WAY too green.  And at this point, it was time for bed because I had a class to teach on Sunday afternoon.

I got up Sunday morning and Brian ran to the gallery and grabbed a quart of Aubusson Blue and Napoleonic Blue.  I was pretty sure I needed the depth of the deeper Napoleonic Blue, but wasn’t going to risk having to talk him in to   another trip if it wasn’t right.  🙂  Turns out it was just right.  A 50/50 mix of Florence and Napoleonic was the perfect color.  So, I painted over the coat of Florence with the new mix and ran off to the gallery to teach my class.

Much activity that week, so Monday was pretty much out for painting.  The rest of the week I did a little before work and a little after.  I painted, waxed with clear Soft Wax, distressed by sanding, applied clear wax where I had sanded – ALWAYS PUT CLEAR WAX ON WHERE YOU SAND, and applied the final dark wax on Thursday night.  VOILA!  Nothing left to do except buff – which I plan to do right after I finish this post.  It’s always best to wait at least a few hours to allow the wax to dry before buffing.  You sure don’t want to buff off all that beautiful wax you applied.  I think I’ve given it time to dry.  😉

HOW MUCH TIME?  It took me a little less than 10 hours to do this project from start to finish.  It probably would have been less time if I could have worked on it from start to finish.  Still, completing a project like this a couple of hours after work for a week is a pretty good turnaround time.  Using Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan is so easy and gratifying.  It has low VOCs so you don’t have to move your furniture outside or to the garage.  Distressing after waxing keeps sanding dust from flying around your room.  

HOW MUCH PAINT?  I started with about 3/4 of a can.  I put one full coat of straight Florence on the cabinets, then mixed 1-1/2 cup each of Florence and Napoleonic Blue, and put another full coat and a partial coat to cover my brush strokes.  I probably used just under a quart for both vanities, 10 drawers and 4 doors – 2-1/2 coats.

Here's how much I have left.

Here’s how much I have left.

Here are the finished vanities – minus accessories.  That’ll be next.  Glad I had some paint left over!

My vanity.

My vanity.


Brian's vanity.

Brian’s vanity.

Closeup of Brian's vanity.

Closeup of Brian’s vanity.

The color is deep and rich, yet calm.  I just LOVE it!!  Look out laundry room – you’re next…

Come see us and we’ll help you create a satisfying transformation of your own!!