Color of the Month – Louis Blue

Louis Blue is our Chalk Paint® Color of the Month for June.  Louis (prounounced lew-ee) Blue is a soft, pastel blue that’s a perfect color for summer!  It’s relaxing and cool, exactly what we need in those hot, hectic summer months.  And the coverage is FABULOUS, so you’ll want to paint everything in site!

I borrowed this picture of a beautiful side table done in Louis Blue from Annie Sloan’s website.  This is pure Louis Blue with clear wax only.  Isn’t it beautiful!!



Louis Blue is also really beautiful with the addition of Dark Soft Wax.  The Dark Soft Wax tones down the bright color if you want a more vintage look.  BUT, don’t forget to ALWAYS use your Clear Soft Wax first or it will become brown instead of an aged blue.  (I really need to work on my photography skills…)


When you’ve painted everything in site, but you still have some paint left, mix it!  You can of course mix it with Pure White or Old White, but think outside the box.  Mixing Louis Blue with French Linen creates a warm dusty gray.  Here’s a piece that I did with that mix.  Come by and play at our paint bar to come up with a fun mix!!




So, besides the fact that you now know what an awesome color Louis Blue is, what does the Color of the Month mean for you?  DISCOUNT, of course!

In the month of June,

you can purchase Louis Blue for

$2 off per quart


$1 off sample pots

See you soon!!